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July archive of DrKEV’s blog

DrKEV's blog


By Dr. Matt Fontaine

In countries where people spend a great deal of time squatting on their heels with their feet flat, there is a much lower incidence of low back pain and degenerative disc disease.  The squatting posture separates the interspinous space between vertebrae.  Patients with an increased curvature of the lower back (hyperlordosis) should practice this posture until they can squat comfortably for a total of 3 minutes.  Typically, the worse someone is at this exercise, the more they need it.

3rdworld squat


How to do it, the finer points:

Hold on to the doorway jam or the pole of a squat rack or pullup rack.  This allows for better balance and you can squat deeper and hold the position.



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