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March archive of DrKEV’s blog

DrKEV's blog

Emotions are spiritual make-up. They convey the state of your spirit with body language and tone of voice. It affects your posture.

Do you know how big the cosmetics industry is? Presumably, the money is spent to make people look more attractive.

Shyness, anger, fear, negative emotions, cause you to close down your 'heart space.'

When you have good posture, it makes you more attractive. It isn't merely that it makes the breasts more prominent, because women less endowed, and even men exhibit this closing down reaction when people notice them because of their good posture. You are more graceful when your posture is good, and that registers subconsciously as a sign of health and virility. Which translates into attractiveness.

It sort of baffles me that women who spend all that money on make-up, are embarrassed, even offended when they are noticed because of their good posture. And immediately slump to hide their spiritual beauty.

Not only does good posture make you look more healthy and attractive, but it actually helps keep you more happy, healthy, and attractive. It works a lot better than make-up. And it's free.


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