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About This Site

About This Site



The ASHRAM Project champions safe, effective, pain-free, therapeutic, non-injurious, humanitarian yoga! (The real kind!)

We are dedicated to advancing yoga by providing a voluntarily supported forum where students and teachers can interact in cooperative spirit, to share what they find to be the safest, most efficient, and most effective practice techniques.

The real world work we do involves creation of, and support for, off-grid (but not offline!) self-sustaining intentional communities.

The site is free to use so that competent yoga instruction, and vital information can easily be accessed by everyone. When you realize the site has helped you, please do chip in a little to help. Your support enables us to devote more time and energy to the project.

Pure fresh organic food, abundant clean energy, housing, awesome neighbors, an idyllic setting, is cost effective, now! Off the shelf, self sustaining utopia has arrived, if you want it!

Sat Nam!
the janitor


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If what you see here is valuable to you and others,
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