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with the power of your sense.

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conscious fitness for an active spirit!

"Yoga is like the thorn you use
to remove the one that's stuck in your foot,
and then cast them both away."

Make sure you have enough floor space so you can move
without bumping into anything.

Practice with an empty stomach.
(2-3 hours after eating, 1/2hr after liquids)

Make sure you're not wearing restrictive clothing.
Bare feet are essential!

Workout on a clean mat or other surface
that's not too hard, too soft, or slippery.

Be GENTLE with yourself!
Move slowly, consciously, and respect your boundaries.
Yoga is about careful expansion of your limits,
not running roughshod over them!

Breathe slowly and deeply. Moving with your breath.
Allow your body to let go in it's own time.
If you try to force it, you aren't doing yoga!

The aim, and track record, of yoga is to be the safest,
most efficient, way to maximal health.
The secret it reveals is that you can accomplish more
by doing less....



perfect posture

morning stretches

lying twists

hug one knee

crossed leg lifts



head knee variations

(incline pose)



hip lifts

cat and cow



easy crosslegged pose

spinal rock



Listen to:

Listen to Segments:
I (14min.)
II (12min.)
III (12min.)
IV (05min.)

Relaxing completely after working out
is as important as doing the exercises!

Go to page 6 and RELAX!
Icing on the cake!

When you've finished the set, stand up and notice if you're more comfortable in perfect posture pose. Then bend forward and see if you have more flexibility!


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Workout - Kriya
Stretch - Asana
Breathe - Pranayama
Home - Ashram
Chant - Mantra
Relax - Ananda

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