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Why Do Nothing?

Far from "doing nothing," relaxation is the key to stimulating the Parasympathetic Nervous System which controls the healing mechanisms in your body. Relaxation is an active process which increases cerebral output instead of diminishing it. Lower Motor Neurons (body) produce muscle tension when output from the Upper Motor Neurons (mind) decreases!

Think of Spirit as energy. Body as matter. And Mind as that which perceives. Now realize that they are all one thing. Take a look outside yourself at yourself and try to imagine how your day to day routine might be affecting the health of your body. See if you can muster the energy to move matter with your mind, and go lie down for a few minutes!...

When you lie down, gravity and breathing change drastically. Two of the most powerful forces in your life, so constant that you hardly ever notice them, so vital that maybe you should. The mind thrives on challenge and change, while the body thrives on homeostasis.

Lie down on your back.
Get your spine as
LONG, STRAIGHT, and FLAT as you can.
Bring your heels together
and let your toes dangle to the sides.
Separate your arms 45 degrees
away from your body, palms up,

R E L A X !

Try these relaxation exercises:

(~ 10 min.)

(~ 20 min.)

'Secret Garden'
Guided Imagery from Meditainment



"Whether you call it relaxation, meditation, self-hypnosis, 'quiet-time', repose, contemplation, or just plain 'kickin' back', slowing your mind down and completely letting go of unconscious tension, is perhaps
the most powerful healing technique!"

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Relax - Ananda

Workout - Kriya
Stretch - Asana
Breathe - Pranayam
Home - Ashram
Chant - Mantra

"It's ironic that the most important lessons we have yet to learn,
are so often the oldest ones ever taught."

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