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Very soon, all serious yoga teachers will offer free online demonstration lessons. They'll be creating a healthier and safer world by making this most precious Truth open and freely available to interested millions. Cogent pioneering leadership in the spirit of what yoga was originally intended to be, demands your involvement!

Those with something of genuine value to offer will lead the way in revolutionizing how people think about yoga. They will be welcome and made easy to find here in the domain. Those who prefer to just remain silent, or to profer ignorance, will, quite simply, be ignored. By everybody.

In the future, if we have one, the world will look back and realize that global peace and sustainability could not have come about without the pioneering efforts of those who put their Yogic Wisdom online NOW!

Getting involved now is good for you, yoga, millions of people, and the planet. And you can do it in one afternoon for the cost of one blank videotape.




three reasons for
being here

1. To serve yoga teachers.
Why reinvent the chakra? "YC.c" saves you time and money optimizing your mulitmedia presentation and making you easy to find! This isn't about becoming a yoga superstar, its is about showing an interested and needy world -including people in your vicinity- what real yoga and a real yoga teacher is. So they won't wander into the hands of someone less capable. Just by making the effort to produce a useful presentation of your favorite yoga technique or session, you will be demonstrating your competence, foresightedness, and goodwill. And you will be advancing the challenge to other teachers to rise to this completely new extremely powerful opportunity to be of service. maintains an advertising-free environment that has become a site-of-choice for many thousands of people wanting to learn yoga. Many who have already been waiting years for you to show them the way! That frees you to concentrate on creating content rather than on learning to be a webmaster or getting yourself linked everywhere. As the playlist grows, so does the number of visitors to the site. Everyone benefits from the synergy created when cogent yogis pool their efforts. Our door is open!.......

2. To serve those wanting to learn yoga.
By building a comprehensive playlist of free instructional content, contributed by teachers worldwide, all netizens will have a viable introduction to real yoga available to them. Free for the learning, whenever and wherever they want.

New students will be able to pre-screen teachers in their area who are included on the playlist, by trying those teachers' free online sample lessons. So when they come to you, you will already have taught them everything you wish all of your new students knew. YC.c does not have any illusions of replacing real live teachers and classes. The idea is to make it easy for serious students to find excellent teachers like you! So they can come receive the gentle guiding touch that only a live teacher can provide.

3. To serve yoga itself.
As the archive grows, teachers will be able to learn new techniques from each other. Statistics can be gathered to determine the most effective techniques. Students will gain a fuller understanding of what yoga is and therefore demand greater competence from their teachers. This will all serve to not only improve yoga's acceptance but will actually improve the quality of yoga being taught worldwide. Teachers of diminished competence will be marginalized. Obviously, the more competent you are, the more sense it makes to lead the way in essentially defining yoga for the future via this new and marvelous web technology. It is, simply, the enlightened thing to do.



YC.c is prepared to offer you any level of support you require. From a link to your existing site and inclusion on the GURUBOT playlist, to complete site design, implementation, maintenance, and hosting. If you have time and no budget, we are glad to show you how to utilize existing free web hosting resources and software, as well as how to record your instructional content for best results. You will save a lot of time and expense with advice from YC.c!

The YC.c staff of 'striving yogi webmasters', can develop a web presence for you that is as elaborate as you like, yet as cost-effective as possible. We can literally save you thousands of dollars while providing uniquely specialized sensitivity to yoga content. We enjoy fair compensation when possible, but our faith in the vision of developing a thourough and widely used archive, supported by voluntary user contributions, is our primary motivation. So please don't hesitate to avail yourself of our services. We remain fair and ethical not just because the spirit of what we are trying to accomplish here demands it, but simply because we want to and we can. Yoga has that effect on people as you well know!

All requests for our services are unique and so receive prompt personal attention. Just email a brief description of what you want to create and what aspects of the project you need help with. Together, we will determine the most appropriate solution. Our humble and sincere purpose is to serve people, by sevring yoga, by serving you. is happy to be hosted by pairNetworks in Pittsburg, PA, USA. We are able to offer you world class services thanks to their superior technical dedication and unsurpassed integrity of their reseller program.


serve yoga!

be creative!

reveal the way!

be seen and heard!

elevate awareness!

spread harmony!
provide healing!


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