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DrKEV crew
DrKEV May 14 '16
New Urban Development and the Leaf Ninjas hosted a Permablitz at New Urban's Dominion Bridge project on August 25th 2013. This was an epic day of amazing transformation and community bonding. Fruit trees, berry bushes and vegetables were planted to achieve the ultimate goal of having a public urban food forest at this site. The aim of this food forest is to provide a space where people can enjoy the produce from the forest, relax and socialize in a beautiful environment.

Being one of the first Urban Public Food Forests in the Calgary area, this unique and beautiful project is setting the bar for sustainable development in an urban setting. This is truly an amazing piece of work, and to see so many people come together to help make it happen invigorates the feeling of community spirit.

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For more information on New Urban and their Dominion Bridge in Ramsay Project check out For everything Permaculture in Calgary and upcoming permablitzes check out the Leaf Ninjas at


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