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INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY, Retreats, Ashrams, Eco-villages
What THE ASHRAM PROJECT is all about!
19 11
DrKEV · Jul 16 '16
In How Kamikatsu Produces No Trash
True satisfaction comes from knowing your living comes honestly.Be the change you want to see in the world.
10 1
DrKEV · Jun 28 '16
In What If Money Was No Object? - Alan Watts
Local Energy Production
Money is energy. Local community energy independence is now possible. From that comes sustainability, stability, abundance, prosperity, even political and economic influence. No intentional community should be dependent on outside energy. Here you will find real world solutions everyone should know about.
7 11
DrKEV · Jan 24 '16
In Petrodollar
Food Forests can provide more food per acre, without chemicals and irrigation.
21 15
DrKEV · Nov 6 '16
In Geoff Lawton
There is no viable alternative to health, really.
9 2
DrKEV · Feb 1 '17
In Vaccines Linked to Mitochondrial Damage
The stuff that will get, and keep us THERE!
16 23
DrKEV · Jun 19 '16
In Electric 'Copters
MEGALITHS! Pre-ancient Archaeology
Beneath the Pharaohnic-age constructions at archaeological sites around the world, are 'megalithic' foundations featuring 100-ton perfectly cut and smooth granite stones we cannot recreate and assemble with today's technology, let alone copper chisels!
14 1
DrKEV · Aug 3 '16
In Ancient High Technology - Baalbek/Egypt
Learn while doing chores, or driving!
6 2
AvtarSingh · Sep 24 '15
In SIDDHARTHA by Hermann Hesse
Full Length Essential Videos
Sell your TV, and watch this instead!
21 6
DrKEV · Nov 6 '16
In A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity
General Topics
Just about anything wholesome!
14 6
admin · Nov 1 '16
In gawrg

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