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DrKEV Dec 1 '15
Lost Treasures Of The Ancient World: Episode 13 - Ancient India

The unique Lost Treasures series enables the ancient wonders of the world to be seen as never before... magically 'restored' to their former glory by 3D graphics and presented in a superb animated format. Our camera teams have traveled the world to gather spectacular new footage of ancient history's greatest monuments and their surroundings, providing a fascinating link between the past and the present day. Features superb 3D graphics, State-of-the-art computer generated animation, all new location footage, and expert commentary and analyses.

The story of India is one of fabulous dynasties and kings, timeless belief systems and golden ages of culture. This fascinating program journeys through the centuries to demonstrate how glories such as the Taj Mahal reflect the character of a unique people. Authoritative and entertaining, this program features a stunning graphic re-creation of an Indus Valley City of the Second Millennium BC.

The Ancient History of India, from a British perspective.

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