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DrKEV crew
DrKEV Nov 4 '15

On September 10th and 11th,2014; SDSU and the SD Grassland Coalition hosted Allan Savory for two days of grassland related teaching, seminars, and a field day. Through the course of the seminar Savory shared his views on human history and the use of what he deemed three basic historical human tools: technology, fire, and environmental ‘rest’; and how each has influenced modern day thinking.

Comments by Allan Savory, Zimbabwean Biologist

DrKEV crew
DrKEV Nov 21 '15
We can take the cheapest, most degraded land available anywhere, and turn it into a fully self-sustaining paradise community, withing a few years. What do you really want? Where do you really want to live? Who do you really want for neighbors?


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