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DrKEV crew
DrKEV Oct 30 '15
If cars gave people freedom, just think what this will do!

Long Range FPV on Quadcopters is not a dream anymore. OFM Seeker 450 V2 Special Edition is finally here for all long range Multirotor FPV Lovers and Professional uses for Aerial surveillance, Security and Search and rescue missions.

Now with OFM Seeker 450 V2 Special Edition an efficient 75kmph Cruise speeds are possible while a safe 3km to 4km round trip is not a dream anymore given a good range radio system.

Check out this first video of OFM Seeker 450 V2 special edition where I test this superb machine for max speeds. Next video that will follow, will show the capabilities of this machine for long range flights.

OFM Seeker 450 V2 Special Edition is now available to order with Futab T8J Radio System for 1.5km range and Futaba 10CG Radio System for 3km Max control range. Order your OFM Seeker 450 V2 SE today and get in to fast lane here at OFM.


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