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Published on Jan 12, 2014

DISCLAIMER: This is for entertainment and educational purposes only. At no time, to we recommend not paying a bill, tax, fine, registration fee imposed by any government agency. Actual practice of some of these methods could get you into severe trouble with the law.

George talks with 2 gentlemen about a growing movement in the country...Living Free...Constitutional Revolutionaries, Patriots, Sovereign People, Off the Grid... the movement is characterized by many names. But in the end these people are seeking to be free, seeking to be free of rules, regulation and the bureaucratic reach of government in every aspect of our lives. Yes, they seem extreme, but let's take a look further...they may have the keys to getting America back on track.

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We all have much to learn, and other people's mistakes are the best teachers. Having a well researched and developed plan, and working in a group makes your odds go up exponentially.
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DrKEV Feb 26 '16
Pro-freedom people will set the example, and the agenda! By forming their own prosperous independent communities in out-of-the-way places.

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 INTERVIEW: Intentional Communities, Eco-Villages, Sustainability, Plant Medicines

David of, and the organizer of the 2010 Conscious Convergence in Guatemala, about his ideas of intentional communities, eco-villages, sustainability, indigenous communities, plant medicines, and holding a vision to create new forms of energy exchange.

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