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DrKEV crew
DrKEV Jul 2 '15
$10,000 Car - AirPod - That Runs On Compressed Air!
Batteries not required!
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DrKEV crew
DrKEV Jul 2 '15

The car that runs on AIR: Peugeot reveals plans for hybrid set to hit the streets next year
  • Peugeot Citroeninvents technology for air car ready for the market by 2016
  • 'Hybrid Air' engine system runs on petrol and air, instead of electricity
  • Company predicts 'Hybrid Air' to achieve 117 miles per gallon by 2020

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DrKEV crew
DrKEV Jul 2 '15
Air Car (1 of 2) from France
See for part two.
A new type of engine to run on compress air.
Part one of two.

An update: in Feb 2007, Tata motor in India signed an agreement with MDI to use this technology. And in Mar 2008, Tata motor acquired Jaguar and LandRover. Will there be an air powered Jaguar or Landrover soon? Your guess.

Google "Tata Motor MDI" for more details.
DrKEV crew
DrKEV Jul 2 '15
 Di Pietro Compressed Air Motor - Engineair

The Di Pietro Motor is a 94.5% efficient compressed air motor that can run on energy from sustainable sources such as the sun.

At the moment he uses one size motor for all the applications as seen in this video. With development it has the potential to replace any size motor in any application.

This technology exists today. It's not an engineer's concept bound to a computer screen. It's patented and physically verified. The only thing holding back the widespread application of this technology seems to be will.

Even in light of the gulf oil disaster Obama has been quoted saying "We're not going to transition out of oil next year or 10 years from now" - President Barack Obama, May 26, 2010

Why not Mr Obama? The technology exists right now and your people know it.

For the full article on this motor and more information about other ways we can transition to a post carbon economy see the full article -
DrKEV crew
DrKEV Dec 18 '15

The Di Pietro Motor (Rotary Air Engine)
The Di Pietro motor concept is based on a rotary piston. Different from existing rotary engines, the Di Pietro motor uses a simple cylindrical rotary piston (shaft driver) which rolls, without any friction, inside the cylindrical stator. The space between stator and shaft driver is divided in 6 expansion chambers by pivoting dividers. These dividers follow the motion of the shaft driver as it rolls around the stator wall. The motor shown is effectively a 6 cylinder expansion motor.


How it Works

The cylindrical shaft driver, forced by the air pressure on its outer wall, moves eccentrically, thereby driving the motor shaft by means of two rolling elements mounted on bearings on the shaft. The rolling motion of the shaft driver inside the stator is cushioned by a thin film of air. Timing and duration of the air inlet and exhaust is governed by a slotted timer which is mounted on the output shaft and rotates at the same speed as the motor.

Variation of performance parameters of the motor is easily achieved by varying the time during which the air is allowed to enter the chamber: A longer air inlet period allows more air to flow into the chamber and therefore results in more torque. A shorter inlet period will limit the air supply and allows the air in the chamber to perform expansion work at a much higher efficiency. In this way compressed air (energy) consumption can be exchanged for higher torque and power output depending on the requirements of the application.

Motor speed and torque are simply controlled by throttling the volume or pressure of air into the motor. The Di Pietro motor gives instant torque at zero RPM and can be precisely controlled to give soft start and acceleration control.

Angelo Di Pietro Director of R & D said:
"There is no other motor as good as ours, the invention has a long list of important improvements over other motors, with the efficiency being several times better then our competitors.”

We have verification of its performance

  • Outstanding efficiency up to 94.5%
  • Constant high torque
  • Low parts count
  • Low number of moving parts
  • Virtually no friction
  • Smooth speed control characteristics
  • Compact and light
  • No vibration
  • Only 1 PSI of pressure is needed to overcome the friction

DrKEV crew
DrKEV Dec 25 '15

We aim to produce the world’s cleanest and most economical energy storage systems. Compressing air creates heat energy. Until now, this was wasted, drastically reducing efficiency.

Our innovation: an elegant method of capturing this heat energy and regenerating useful energy from it. We inject a fine, dense mist of water spray which rapidly absorbs the heat energy of compression and provides it during expansion.

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