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DrKEV crew
DrKEV Nov 22 '15
Lots of solutions available depending on local needs and resources.

"Energy Conservation on the Farm at the Huls Dairy" provides information about the operation of Montana's first methane digester for a dairy operation. The project was a huge success and is currently producing enough power to run the entire dairy operation and one home. The digesters are located at the Huls Dairy Farm in Corvallis, Montana. The video shows the digesters at work using the methane gasses to produce energy. The video also explains other benefits from the installation of the digesters including commercial composting, fuel, fertilizer, and irrigation savings.

The anaerobic methane digester offsets the electrical costs of the dairy operation and reduces greenhouse gas emissions at the farm. Manure from the free-stall barn is collected using alley scrapers and deposited in the methane digester. The manure is broken down through a biological process which produces methane gas. The methane gas is then used to power an engine and generator to produce electricity.

DrKEV crew
DrKEV Nov 28 '15
An IFAD-supported project in China's Guangxi province encourages poor farmers to produce their own biogas as a means of reducing poverty while improving local environmental conditions


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