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Workout 03


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The seriousness of our times mandates that yoga be available to anyone mindful enough to try it. That is because the priceless everlasting present that yoga extends, enables all to thouroughly enjoy life, as the vital consequence (karma) of constructive involvement with our own physiology, each other, and the ecosystem. The "way" to create Ananda, yoga, generates the synergy that made civilization so much more attractive and successful than its alternative. Maintaining ones ability to love, instead of succumbing to hate or fear, is essential for optimal function of parasympathetic (healing & repair) mechanisms. No one is free who is a slave to stimulation and/or comfort. Inasmuch as only yoga "nourishes" certain inescapable physiological, social, and psychological needs, no one is truly free who hasn't time to practice! Use it or lose it! ...If enough of us catch on we can save the world! If enough of us don't, then we are all going to suffer unnecessarily. It is that simple and that important!







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