Urban Self-Reliance in Oakland California Rental Property | Forum

DrKEV crew
DrKEV Jul 14 '15

Featured on http://thepermaculturezone.com - Brought to you by http://faircompanies.com and Kristen Dirksen, this is a video about a couple and how they took unused space on their rental property, and turned it into a place where they could practice more urban self reliance. They also apply a lot of permaculture principles into the space.. They have implemented raised beds, water containment, bees, chickens, organic fruit and vegetables. Also, companion planting where the put plants close to each other so they exchange benefits such as nutrients.

You get a full tour of the space, the hen house and chicken run, the plants and the bees, and more. Some great ideas here for you you can practice permaculture in an urban self-reliance space.


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