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DrKEV crew
DrKEV Dec 15 '12
The ASHRAM is all about people coming together and sharing ideas that can help pull the world out of the mess it might seem to be in these days. Please take a few minutes to post a useful link or ask us all a question you may have.
Avoiding crass commercialism is appreciated! ;)
When people work together with integrity, synergy happens, and mountains get moved!
DrKEV crew
DrKEV May 5 '13
I know this may be a S-T-R-E-T-C-H for a few of you, but I'm looking for evidence that there are caring real people here. Hopefully this will get some attention and RESPONSE from the gathering crowd.

"The Great Awakening Speech deserves much more attention! Empowers and invites humanity to change the way it thinks and perceives reality. ...The 'tracker of truth' Mike Ruppert evoked a powerful, inspiring, selfless message of incorruptible truth and awareness; shining a bright light in an age of darkness and deceit."
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