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Psoas Muscle from DrKEV's blog

Understanding anatomy and biomechanics has greatly enhanced my practice of yoga. The psoas muscle turns out to be a common site of problems that we see in practice. Weakness, shortness, and imbalance between the R & L psoas muscles leads to low back pain, and can contribute to hip and knee problems. The key to keeping them, and you, happy is to internalize the information so you become aware of what and where your psoas musces are, what they feel like, and how they are integral to low back posture. Yoga is awareness! When you realize how big they are, and how much control they have over posture and movement, it becomes obvious how important they are. These videos should get you on the same page with your psoas muscles. 

"A clear description of how to release the Psoas muscle in an easy and comfortable way. This version of the stretch is more suitable for people with acute lower back pain, although the stretch should not be used if pain increases as the stretch is performed. Psoas Stretch Standing with registered Osteopath Jonathan Boxall , BA (Hons), BSc (Hons) Ost, DO http://www.cullomptonosteopath.co.uk
This instruction on helping lower back pain was produced in association with Osteo and Physio Ltd, Culm Valley Integrated Centre for Health, Cullompton, Exeter, EX15 1FE Tel 01884 308123 where Jonathan is the Principal Osteopath."

This is a really good approach but takes some practice getting your coordination. Especially doing it in the sand, as you can see. Work with these stretches carefully!

Here is an article regarding the clinical aspects of "The Psoas Syndrome" that may help bring home how important it is to properly maintain the psoas muscles.

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