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Sitting on the Job? | YOGACLASS.COM ASHRAM Blog

Sitting on the Job? from DrKEV's blog


Written by Steven Weiniger Written by Steven Weiniger on Wednesday, 24 June 2015. Posted in Research

Get up NOW!

sitting-at-work-computer-neck-pain-200pxIt seems like every month more research shows the health impact of sedentary lifestyles, and seeing these new studies so prevalently tells me that there is a growing awareness about the importance of posture on overall health and longevity.  Last month, I wrote an article, "Stand Up for Wellness," which was published in Chiro Eco, focusing on posture and motion as important factors for health.  

This month, in yet another new study, theBritish Journal of Sports Medicine1 reported growing evidence now linking a sedentary lifestyle with an increased risk of premature death from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even some cancers.

Their conclusions provided prevention tips, including:

  • Taking regular breaks at work 
  • Standing up more often
    • The study authors recommended spending 2-4 hours of the work day standing, which for most of us will mean using a standing desk.  However, the long-term studies on the effectiveness of this won't be completed for several years to come.
      • A Point of Concern: Will standing more increase pain in the feet and low back?  People who spend a lot of their working day on their feet but not moving around frequently (like surgeons, hair stylists, etc.) complain of pain from being in one place and not moving.  Is it possible that standing desks will make people feel better because they are not sitting, but in time will create other problems?

But it isn't just being sedentary - it's the act of sitting itself.  As I discussed in my review of the new Annals of Internal Medicine article, it's about HOW you sit...and stand...and move.  Keeping the body folded affects vital internal organs.  It will be years (if not decades) before the scientists definitively prove with studies the absolute best way to keep our bodies moving pain-free through life.

In the meantime, here are some easy suggestions to avoid pain and keep moving well:

  1. Take a posture break every hour.  A bonus for those with an Apple Watch, it will even remind you to move a minute every hour.  But everyone should get up and move around consistently during their day.
  2. Move smart.  Motion is the 1st Posture Principle2 - "Your body is DESIGNED to Move."  Your posture sets the stage for HOW you move when you exercise.  Moving with poor posture puts you at an increased risk for injuries and pain, while moving with the symmetry of good form and control helps you get the best benefit from any exercise.  So to keep moving well, check in with your posture.*

*The StrongPosture¬ģ programs are designed to systematically strengthen Balance, Alignment and Motion with individualized exercise to keep you moving well.




1- Buckley, J. P., Hedge, A., Yates, T., Copeland, R. J., Loosemore, M., Hamer, M., . . . Dunstan, D. W. (2015). The sedentary office: A growing case for change towards better health and productivity. Expert statement commissioned by Public Health England and the active working community interest company. British Journal of Sports Medicine. doi:10.1136/bjsports-2015-094618. Retrieved from   http://bjsm.bmj.com/content/early/2015/04/23/bjsports-2015-094618

2- Weiniger, Steven.  Stand Taller~Live Longer: An Anti-Aging Strategy, BodyZone Press, 2008.

- See more at: http://posturepractice.com/index.php/blog/posture-blog/item/sitting-on-the-job

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