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Imagine the perfect method of living a long, healthy, and happy life.
One that is as efficient, effective, and safe as possible.
Several thousand years ago someone called it YOGA.

It's still a "fad" today!

So "...Kick off your shoes, loosen your clothing,
and spread out your mat. Class is about to begin!..."



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welcome to Dr.KEV's internet


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"A yoga site for people and their doctors."


Yoga is simultaneously: self-diagnosis, healing, prevention, and maintenance. Although it is not a replacement for your doctor, it has been developed and practiced safely and successfully by millions of people who never had doctors, for thousands of years. If you are under a doctor's care already, or are seriously out of shape, then by all means consult with your primary health care provider before beginning yoga practice! That way you can both monitor your progress. And your doctor will learn from you how beneficial yoga really is!

Think of "self-diagnosis" in this context: If you were perfectly healthy, you would be able to do most yoga postures and exercises easily with minimal effort! Therefore as you begin learning the basic stretches, you will immediately discover where your deficiencies are. Do not let yourself be discouraged by this. Your body has adapted itself as perfectly as possible to all of the things you have done (or not done) with it over the course of your entire life up until now. With a modest amount of care and patience, yoga will trigger your body's natural adaptive and rejuvenating powers. If you don't use it you lose it. If you start using it again, you can get most of it back. Some people claim that yoga gave them more vitality than they ever had in their lives. Even those who began later in life. If you are still breathing, it is never too soon, or too late to start!


The essence of yoga is to make the process as efficient and enjoyable as possible. In the beginning it is therefore essential that you learn not only what the stretches are, but how to stretch! How to relax! How to breathe! Then you will really be ready to workout -safely! Realizing the progress made often inspires yogis to sing for joy in praise for such divine providence! So there you have it. YOGA! The original song and dance!

Genuine. Wholesome. Compassionate. Yoga does not distill these qualities from you but rather instills them within you. It teaches you that love heals the giver at least as much as it does the recipient. And therein dwells the sacred power of community, union, harmony, yoga, and free and fair civilization. It is your birthright to have access to this information. A sign of your wisdom if you use it. And of your enlightenment if you share it!


"" humbly transmits this most ancient and powerful of wisdoms, as transparently as possible, to magically transform your computer into a device that prevents Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) -among a whole host of other stress related 'diseases of civilization' -instead of causing them!!! So go ahead, astonish anyone who may be looking; do yoga (wherever you are) now, free! There's nothing virtual about it. The search is over! This is the site where browsing ends, and fulfillment begins! is not here to sell our book or video, or some guru. We don't want you to come to our school or ashram in some faraway place. We rather suspect that you came here looking for yoga. So that is what we provide. Of the multi-denominational, therapeutic variety. Intended for leaders, not followers. Drawn from teachings of all great yoga lineages, the techniques you find here, free, are selected for their tried and true healing power. Nothing in the healing arts has withstood the test of time and scientific scrutiny better than yoga. Consider your personal book/video/ashram/clinic! Make yourself at home, and be heard, anytime! You just might even run into some other mindful people around here, too!


We have no illusions of being a replacement for live classes with live teachers. Yoga teaching is, to a large degree, a hands-on process. A gentle guiding touch can definitely help you fine-tune your practice. And Dr.KEV recommends it -if you can find a competent teacher nearby. If you are a yoga teacher, or are looking for one, please click here! Our goal is to make it easy for real people to discover real yoga, and to find real teachers. Peaceful and fair global sustainability can be achieved more quickly, if ancient yogic wisdom is made available to all via the web.

Here within the domain, you get lessons that give you a genuine experience of what yoga is all about. And tangible, clinically verifiable, beneficial results! Since it is impractical to read and do yoga at the same time, and since you want to be sure yogic healing and revitalization really works, offers lessons freely via streaming voice and pictures!

Now, for the first time ever, it is possible to publicly archive living breathing yoga, making it available to everyone whenever and wherever they want. And we want you to be completely satisfied in the most wholesome and profound way possible!


Knowing what yoga really is makes choosing a teacher a lot easier! Besides the obvious personal benefits you will enjoy, we also want you to become an informed yoga student to help inspire teachers to even higher standards of excellence. Even just by being here and using the archive you are proving that the public not only demands competent online yoga instruction, but competent real teachers as well! Thank-you!

Whether this is your first exposure to yoga or you are a seasoned adept, we are confident that you will find this approach fresh, engaging, appropriately challenging, and informative. The most difficult part really is forgiving yourself for not starting sooner! So kick off your shoes, loosen your clothing, and spread out your mat. Class is about to begin!...

Serving everywhere, all the time. offers you this content freely
in the spirit of healing and harmony.

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